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Overlook Hospital Pediatrician

Cranford Pediatrics is an associated practice of Overlook Hospital.

Welcome To Cranford Pediatrics

Cranford Pediatrics, at 19 Holly Street has been a medical home for thousands of children and their families since it first opened its doors in 1988. It has been an large part of Cranford and surrounding communities since started. Through the years, each Cranford pediatrician here has helped protect many children from a large variety of serious illnesses, evaluated their development and progress through childhood, with its many possible pitfalls, and aided parents in all age-appropriate issues including accident prevention.

Unlike large medical groups in mall-like settings far away from the communities they serve, we strongly feel that Cranford Pediatrics is a better option by being located in the heart of a community. It better helps patients and their families by being close by and more available by phone and location for help, and gives children a less stressful environment to have their medical needs met. It also allows us to recognize and address any serious communicable sicknesses that pop up in the community before they have a chance to spread.

We take pride in knowing each of our patients well, and find joy in their successes as they grow into adulthood. We see ourselves as part of their families. We’re a medical home, in the best sense of the idea. We are kid-friendly, family-friendly and , community-knowledgeable.

Our services include routine well-care from infancy through the end of college (age 22-23) including all necessary vaccinations testing and developmental tests recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Sick visits are scheduled daily Monday through Friday and, on an as needed basis, Saturday and Sunday. Our registered nurses and doctors are available daily to discuss your child’s health care needs. So contact us by phone at 908-276-6598 or by email:

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We are affiliated with Overlook Hospital, which is part of the Atlantic Health Care System. This system has over 100 pediatric sub-specialists including physicians specializing in heart medicine, lung-related, nerve related, brain and nerve surgery, gastroenterology, allergy, infectious disease, blood-study/oncology, surgery, neurodevelopment, teen medicine and joint and back pain. These sub-specialists provide complete care to difficult health care issues that some of our patients and their families face. As members of Atlantic Healthcare System, we can fast-track referrals to these specialists for our patients.

Cranford Pediatrics has physician coverage for our patients’ medical needs 24 hours per day, seven days per week. In this way, we try to avoid time-consuming and expensive emergency room appointments for our patients whenever possible, unless we feel they are medically necessary. If you have questions about any problems you may have call us at 908-276-6598 or by e-mail at

Dr. Pogany has great pleasure in announcing the expansion of her practice to include Dr. Nicole Panza, who was brought up in nearby Westfield, and recently finished her pediatric residency program at Atlantic Health System. She will be working more hours as Dr. Pogany cuts back on her hours to spend time with her grandchildren and address the needs of her own family.

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Dr Nicole Panza and Dr. Ursula Pogany both share very similar views about community-based, family-friendly, patient-centered medical homes as the real answer to the health care problems for the young that is ongoing in the U.S.

We welcome prenatal visits and introduction appointments for future members of our medical home. WELCOME!

Welcome Dr. Panza to Cranford Pediatrics!

Dr. Panza graduated from Wake Forest University, received a master’s degree in biomedical sciences from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and received her medical degree from St. George’s University. She completed her pediatric residency at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, part of Atlantic Health System. We all look forward to working with Dr. Panza as a Cranford Pediatrician and helping children and their families!

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Please call today at 908-276-6598 or email us at: to make an appointment to visit us and see how we can help you!